First Day of Pre-K

Thursday was the day!  Cole's first day of Pre-K!  He was excited when he saw is breakfast but cried when he was getting dressed.  He said he just wanted to stay with me all day.  Little love.  After some reassuring words from me he decided he was ready to go! 

 Of course we had to take first day of school pictures.  I am annoyed that there is a shadow.  Obviously I need to work on my lighting skills.

 We got to school, he put his lunch, snack, water, folder and backpack where they are supposed to go and then picked an activity to do.  He asked me to stay for a minute so of course I did and when it was time we said our goodbyes without any tears!  Yay!
 Campbell and I missed our bubba while he was at school and she was so excited to pick him up!  He said he had a fun day and that his teacher was kind of nice. Ha!  I know he is going to have a great year and Mrs. Nanette will probably be his favorite teacher ever!

After school Cole got his traditional cookie cake and a sussie.  I tried to find out what he did all day and all he could tell me was he played on the playground and did not go to gym class.  Boys!  I will try and get more info out of him but I am so thankful he had a great day!  I knew he would! 
And because I love a comparison, here is Cole on his first days of school in 2010 and 2011.

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