iPhone Photos: Vol 2

 Waiting patiently to see Dr. G for her 1 year check up
 I don't know why but she does this a lot
 Wanted to keep her purse on her arm all night
 Cole is such a good bowler
 Cole's current obsession....SORRY!
 Campbell drinking her last bottle

Watching daddy play soccer

 Kori and Jon's new puppy, Wolf!

 Jason Garett sat right behind my dad on Opening Day at the Ball Park

 Easter Sunday.  Campbell really was in a good mood! Ha!
 Water Table Fun


Katie and Justin Cox said...

Hi! I am a Muir Family blog lover... I pop in from time to time and think your kiddos are just the cutest! Your little one reminds me of mine and I have been dying to know... how in the world do you get such big bows to stay in her hair? What kind of clip do they have on them? Where do you get them? I LOVE bows and the bigger the better as far as I'm concerned but the headband bows are too easy for her to pull off and the teeny little bows just look silly on her head, but the bigger bows we have do not stay and flop over on one side with the weight of the clip! So inquiring minds WANT to know... what is your secret?! :) Thanks for sharing your hair bow wisdom!! Sorry for being SO random! My blog is www.katieandjustincox.blogspot.com!


Lyric said...

Thanks fo following my blog!

I really lucked out in the bow department. She has coarse hair which keeps her bows from sliding out. All of her bows are on plain old allegator clips. The really big plain colored bows I ordered from The Princess and Me on Etsy. They are made so well and sit so well on her head!

I hope that helps! Good luck!