A First

It finally happened.  On Sunday Cole started sneezing a lot.  Not unusual, he had been playing outside all day for the past two days.  Then wheezing and coughing, coughing so hard he threw up all over himself and his bed.  He has a VERY sensitive gag reflex so again not unusual.  After a bath, we let him fall asleep in our bed when I noticed he was breathing pretty hard.  He crashed and so did I.  He woke up several times during the night and just could not get comfortable.  By morning he was really struggling to get a good breath.  We got up and got ready so when we called Dr. G's office we would be ready to go.  They took one look at us and got us right in.  We saw Dr. G's PA.  She listened to him breath and checked his saturation levels.  They were below the range they like you to be in so she immediately ordered a breathing treatment.  It was amazing to me how fast it worked.  Before he was quite and still and just focusing on trying to get a good breath.  After he was actually talking and breathing so much better.  Dr. G came in to take a quick look at him which I thought was SO nice.  We really do LOVE our pediatrician!!!  They gave him a dose of steroids before we left and sent us on our way with prescriptions for breathing treatments and steroids. 

I am so glad that is over.  It made this mama super nervous and I am so thankful this is not something we have to deal with on a regular basis!  I am so thankful I have very healthy kiddos!

P.S.  When we got in the car to leave it wouldn't start.  RT had to come and trade cars with me so I could get Cole's meds and get him home.  He stayed and waited for AAA to install a new battery......what a day!


Anonymous said...

It just makes me want to cry to see him like that. I remember taking RT to the emergency room for wheezing and breathing I hate you are having to go through that. Nanette :)

Team Bruns said...

This is indeed sad. We deal with this monthly if not daily at our house. We have the same nebulizer! Hope Cole gets back on his feet soon!