Home Sweet Home

Finally!  We have wanted to move for a LONG time but never found the right house...until now!  This house has everything thing we ever wanted!  We moved in the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve (crazy, I know) and have been getting settled in ever since.
 The front of the house.  I want to work on the landscaping a little bit but I LOVE all my rose bushes that will begin to bloom soon!
 This is the view from the corner of our property.  We have so much space! 
This is most of our backyard! We have big plans for this.  We want to obviously landscape it, add a vegetable garden, swing set, trampoline, outdoor grill and fireplace.  We are the most excited about the backyard and will slowly add everything we want!  We can't wait to host super fun BBQ's and parties!

I will post pictures of the interior once I feel like everything is decorated just right so stay tuned!

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The Rodriguez Crew said...

What a beautiful ranch style home! I LOVVVVVE long one stories! Can't wait to see more!