Just The Three of Us

Last Tuesday we took Cole on a little date, just the three of us.  We hadn't done anything with just him in a long time so we decided to give him a little evening of his own. 

I have mentioned before that our friend, Chris, is the head basketball coach a Jesuit here in Dallas.  Well, they made it to the playoffs and Tuesday night was the first game.  Luck would have it that it was played at my alma mater!  I was so excited!  I knew Cole would love the game and I would love sitting in my high school gym with him.

My mother-in-law watched Campbell while we ate at the always yummy Chuy's.  While stuffing our faces with quesadillas, and a margarita for me, Cole mentioned that it was weird not having Campbell with us and he was RIGHT!  It did feel like a piece was missing but we did love showering our first born with undivided attention.
 After dinner we had some time to spare so why not get Cole his first Frosty from the Wendy's my friends and I spent a lot of time at in high school?!?!
 We still arrived a little early but Cole LOVED sitting in the bleachers, picking the perfect place to sit and watching the boys warm up.  I have to admit I felt pretty old!  It had been 14 years since I last sat in that gym and here I was with my huband, my son and with a baby at home.  It was pretty surreal!
   Cole completely crashed on the way home.  I am so glad he had such a fun evening!  It is one I will not soon forget.


ThePoeFam said...

OMG! Where is that shirt from? My boys have to hae it!!!

Lyric said...

I found it at GAP.