Campbell: 11 Months Old

Sweet, sweet baby girl.  You are at such a fun age!  I would obviously love to keep you itty bitty, but, that's not how life works so instead I will look forward to all the new and fun things you are doing and will do as you grow into a little lady.
 New this month:

You....dance on command.
You....pull up to a stand
You....took a few steps while holding on the to coffee table.  Cruising is in your very near future.
You....tried broccoli and loved it (you did not like the gas it gave you that night)
You....are showing more of your personality which includes the following: 
                             -  funny
                             -  strong willed
                             -  feisty
                             -  dramatic
                             -  loving
You....are still a good eater (you will try ANYTHING and usually like it)
You...are an incredible sleeper (you don't need bottles or rocking anymore, you pretty much tell us your sleepy and then off to bed you go)
You....can be a handful
You....LOVE Cole.
You....love books and are getting into princesses
 I can't believe how much you are changing.  You definitely know what you want and how to get it.  You are a speed crawler and you are independent.
You are happy 99.9% of the time!

We love you little lady!

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jillian80 said...

I can't believe she's already 11 months! She is SO gorgeous!!! You do such a fantastic job on your blog :)