An Early Valentine's Day Surprise

A couple of weeks ago my sweet husband told me that he had a special evening planned for us but would not tell me when, where or what.  I love surprises!  So, I waited.  Finally he told me the day before our night out that we would be going to a nice dinner.  I had a hunch we would be going to Nick and Sam's.  It's our special place and we love it so much!

 Dinner did not disappoint and we were stuffed as usual.  It was so nice to have an interrupted adult conversation, a couple of glasses of wine and the best company ever!  Well, dinner wasn't my only surprise!  When we got in the car after dinner he handed me tickets to the Kelly Clarkson concert!!!  I had no idea!  Mr. Spouse scored huge points!
The concert was awesome!  It is so refreshing to watch someone actually sing live.  No big productions or fancy costume changes.....just a band and singing.  It was amazing!

Thank you honey for an unforgettable evening!  I love you!

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