Cole is 4

WOW!  Four years old!  How is that even possible?!?!  I swear you were born yesterday and now you are a smart, funny, independent, strong willed and energetic four year old.

You love to "help" me do ev-ery-thing.  You are a clean/neat freak just like me and love to help me clean the house.  You are pretty good at putting your toys away and helping Campbell put hers away too.  You do not like to be dirty.  Your hands and face must always be clean...always, which is fine by me!

You are very particular about things, again, just like me.  You always have to have a shirt on and it always has to be put on first when getting dressed.
You are very serious.  We can have normal conversations with you and you always have really great, mostly funny, input.  You think you are about 13 years old.  You insist on doing everything by yourself.  For the most part you can but when something comes up that I need to help you with it turns into a battle.

You are funny.  So funny!  Some of the things you say and do just crack us up.

You are sweet.  You have such a tender heart and you get upset easily.  You are super sweet to your baby sister.  You play so well with her and get her things she needs.  You still get upset when she gets upset.  Your favorite thing to do with her now is to get your guitar out and play it while you sing songs to her.  Melts my heart every time.
I know I sound like a broken record but you still love sports.  You turn everything into a game and playing baseball, catch, football, golf and basketball are by far your favorite things to do.  You play sports video games and prefer a ball or bat to a car.

Your latest obsession is Super Hero Squad.

You also love "shooting".  You turn every thing into a gun.  You will hide behind walls and surprise attack.  I  hope this is just a phase.  I have to say I am not a huge fan of this.  Boys will be boys I guess.
Bodily functions are hilarious to you.  You are 100% boy!

You absolutely LOVE school.  It makes me so happy that you love it so much.  I love that I drop you off and you can't wait to see your teachers and your friends.  It is so comforting knowing you are being so well taken care of. 

You played soccer this year and could not have loved it more.  You learned a lot about team work and good sportsmanship.  Daddy and I loved watching you play.  You did so well and scored 4 goals during the season!
To say you love chocolate would be the understatement of the century.  You would eat it morning noon and night.  Again, something you got from me....a HUGE sweet tooth!

You still aren't a great eater.  You will eat chicken in any form or fashion, carbs galore, cheese, milk, yogurt, applesauce, orange juice, sweet potatoes aaannnddd that's about it.  At dinner you do have to take a bite of everything on your plate so have had green beans, peas, broccoli, carrots, corn, tomatoes, bananas and strawberries.  We are really working on this!

We visited Dr. G for your four year check up and he told us you were a TALL BOY!  You gained 4 lbs. and grew 3 1/4" in a year!  You did great on your hearing test but the vision test was questionable.  You either didn't fully understand what you were supposed to do or you my have a very slight vision issue.  Chances are it is the latter seeing as your daddy and I are both legally blind.  We think you will probably end up with glasses at some point.  Dr. G said not to worry about it unless we see to squinting, otherwise we will reevaluate next year.  Here are your stats (they basically say you are big):

Weight:  43 lbs. 6 oz. (95th percentile)
Height:  41 1/2"  (90th percentile)
You love your daddy so much!  He is so fun to play with and makes up the best games.  We all like to snuggle on the couch and watch our shows together.  You love to be read to and you love to sing.  Your favorite songs are:

Jesus Loves Me
You Are My Sunshine
The Bumblebee song
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Good Life by One Republic
Mommy and daddy could not love you more.  You bring so much joy and laughter to our house.  We cannot wait to see what the next year will hold for you.  It has been an honor to watch you grow!


The Bases said...

These pictures are so great! Do you take them all yourself??

The Rodriguez Crew said...

Hands down, these are my favorite posts. You do them so well! Cole and Jagger are so different, but there are always the common denominators like making things into GUNS, & PICKY eaters (seriously that was Jagger's exact list, right down the sweet potato which always makes me feel like 1% better). And they are both so big! Umm, if Cole was 95% in weight, what is Jagger at 50 pounds?! Yikes. We still haven't been for the 4 year checkup. :/ Great post Lyric!