Campbell: 9 Months Old

Little Miss Priss, oh how we love you! 

You are so funny.  You make "cabbage patch" faces all the time.  You always have your tongue sticking out and your legs are always kicking.  You smile and giggle and chat all the time.  You are jolly!

At the same time you are strong willed and judgemental.  You can give nasty, disapproving looks.  It makes us laugh now but we will definitely work on not being tacky later.
 You had another eventful month.  Here is what you have been up to:

-  You went on your first road trip and did great!  We drove to Austin to visit friends and meet baby Emery.  You were a pro in the car but did not like sleeping in the pack'n play. 

-  You started waiving bye-bye.

-  You bumped your head and got your first boo boo.

-  You started crawling!  You are everywhere and I love it!
 -  We found out you don't like it when people wear hats or put things on their heads.  You are scared to death.

-  You celebrated your first Thanksgiving and had your very first bite of table food, Sweet Potato Casserole!

-  You ate your first baby snack, mum mums and have since eaten puffs and love them both.  You can even feed them to yourself.

-  Maybe my favorite thing you did this month was say mamama and you associate it with me.  When you are looking for me you crawl around saying, "mamama" until you find me and then you get so excited and kick your legs like crazy!
 -  You started putting the TV remote and your play phones up to your ear when we say, "Hello!".  You get the biggest kick out of it.

-  Last but not least you started pulling up on your knees and you think you are so big.  You want to reach everything so bad!  Before we know it you will be cruising around the furniture.  Heaven help us!

You are a great sleeper.  You sleep about 10 hours a night and you take a really good nap in the mornings and another shorter nap in the afternoon.  The saddest thing you have done lately is you don't really need to be rocked at night anymore.  Once you finish your bottle instead of letting me rock you for a while you have started reaching for your crib.  I kiss you and tell you I love you and lay you down.  You wiggle for a minute until you find the right spot and then you are out.  I am so happy it is so easy to put you down at night but so sad you don't need my help to fall asleep anymore.
At your 9 month check up with Dr. G you started crying the second he walked in the door for the first time.  Other than that you did a great job and only milked getting a shot for a short time.  Here are your 9 month stats:

Weight: 22 lbs. 5 oz.  (95th percentile)
Height:  27.8 inches  (75th percentile)
Head:  17.3 inches  (75th percentile)

We love you baby girl!  We can't believe you are almost one.  Make it stop!

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