Finger Food Feast

Yesterday, RT and I had the privilege of attending the Finger Food Feast at Cole's school.  It was just about the cutest thing I have ever seen.  The tables were decorated so cute, Cole made such an adorable little Indian and watching him on stage singing all the words and doing all the hand motions melted my heart!  He looked like such a big boy up there with his class.

 Cole made the sweetest placemat, vase and pinecone turkey.

 Cole's biggest fan!  Watching bubba sing sweet songs!
 Our precious little Indian!
 Cole singing with his class.  Funny story:  In the middle of the first song Cole saw his daddy walk in and started yelling, "daddy, daddy!!!" with his hands in the air while everyone else was singing.  It was so cute, he was so excited and thankfully I got it on video.
I am so thankful this is the first of MANY school programs that I will attend.  I LOVED it!

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