Cole's REAL 4th Birthday

We had so much fun celebrating our sweet 4 year old on his birthday, 11/9.  He was so excited about his REAL birthday.  We started the day off with a cinnamon roll breakfast complete with candles and the birthday song. 

 After showers and baths he decided he wanted grilled cheese for his birthday lunch (not much different than every other day but it was his choice!)
 Then Campbell and I watched him play in the play area at The Shops at Willow Bend.  My mom and Kori met us there and we did a little shopping before heading home to meet daddy.

 Daddy left work early so we could take Cole to pick out his Birthday surprise.  A new fish!  He has been missing his old fish, Dan, for a while now so we thought a new fish would be the perfect surprise!  He was SO EXCITED and kept telling us he loved his new fish!  He named him......drumroll please.....Dan!

 Then he picked what he wanted for dinner.  He wanted chicken from "Chick-A-Way" so that is what he got!
 After dinner we went home to put Dan in his bowl and watched him swim around while we waited for Mimi, Gramps, Kori, Jon and Gray to come over for cake and presents!

 What a lucky little boy to have so many people that love him and bought him presents!

 He specifically asked for a Transformers cake and was so excited to blow out his candles!

Happy 4th Birthday sweet love!!!!!


Ashley and Matt Sheehan said...

can't believe you now have a FOUR year old!! when did we get so old to have such old toddlers?! he looks like such a sweetheart of a little boy.. happy birthday, cole

Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

So sweet!!! 4 years old, wow :) He's precious.