Campbell: 8 Months Old

 Sweet sister you are such a joy!  We love you so much and cannot remember our family with out you!  You bring so much laughter and love.  Your sweet giggle is contagious!  You are curious and observant and want to be involved in everything.  Cole never got into things he wasn't supposed to.  He was pretty content just playing with his toys....we think you are going to be different.  As you are on the verge (it is really going to happen any day now) of crawling we just have a feeling you are going to be the child that gets into everything!  You are going to keep us on our toes for sure....it's your personality and we love it!
 This was a busy month for you:

-  You went to the State Fair
-  You went to the Arboretum
-  You got your second cold
-  You learned how to clap
-  You celebrated your first Halloween by dressing up like a flamingo
-  You learned how to hold your own bottle
-  You went to bubba's soccer games
-  You celebrated bubba's 4th birthday
-  You learned how to go from laying down to sitting up all by yourself
-  You started rocking on your hands and knees
-  You started reaching for me when someone else is holding you
 You LOVE Cole.  I know that statement is redundant but he really is your favorite.  You seriously never take your eyes off of him.  He is fascinating to you and you want to follow him around so bad!  He makes you belly laugh more than anyone else.  It's almost as if you two have your own little language going on.
 You are sleeping so much better these days.  You are consistently sleeping through the night and taking 2, 2 hour naps during the day.  Thank you Lord!  You are a pretty good eater.  You typically eat cereal and fruit in the mornings, a veggie in the afternoon and a chicken, pasta and veggie meal in the evenings.  You are drinking less milk during the day and we are working on mastering the sippy cup.

You wearing size 12 month clothes and size 4 diapers.  
Rocking you to sleep is hands down my favorite part of the day.  You snuggle close and make the sweetest sounds.  You are the best shopping partner and you have perfect table manners when we eat out.  I love that you are so go-with-the-flow.  Daddy and I were blessed with two very easy babies!

Thank you for being such a sweetheart!  We love you to pieces!

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