Soaking It All In - Family of 3 Day

Yesterday afternoon RT took off work early so we could have some family of 3 fun! We took advantage of the amazing weather and surprised Cole with a trip to play Putt-Putt. He has been begging to play golf so we thought it was the perfect time for a treat! He had an absolute blast!

We played of few arcade games. Cole wanted to play 2 things...he drove the race car once and used the rest of his tokens to shoot baskets. He managed to collect over 60 tickets! He is good I tell you.
{Daddy helped him reach the petal while Cole steered. They came in 3rd! Oh how I love these two!}

Then we headed to Freebirds for yummy burritos and dining outside. I am so excited patio weather is so close! We ended the evening with frozen yogurt at Yumilicious.

It was the best afternoon! One that I will cherish forever! A special day with my boys before Campbell changes our family for the better.


The Rodriguez Crew said...

What a perfect day! And I am loving Cole's short haircut! I cannot believe how good Cole is at basketball... I think there is a future there??!

Anonymous said...

Isn't he adorable playing putt-putt. He just loves it. I have enjoyed so much when I have taken him. Glad you got to go. Love, Nanette