Another Update on My Sister

Well....my sister was admitted to the hospital last Friday and it doesn't look like she will be leaving any time soon.

She had a small scare on Thursday night and went in to see the doctor on Friday morning. Doctor Webster did a test to see if she was in preterm labor. It came back positive and she admitted Kori to the hospital. The thing about a positive result is that is doesn't necessarily mean you are going into labor right then it just means the likelihood of you going into labor early is highly likely.

So, given my sister's history with sweet Smith, they didn't want to take any chances. At the hospital they began administering steroids to help Baby Gray's lungs develop and monitored Kori for contractions. Her uterus was a little agitated but she was not having full blown contractions. Good News!

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful, thank goodness, until Monday morning when Dr. Z, their specialist, came in to check her cervix and the stitch from the cerclage. He discovered that her cervix had shorted from in the 30's to a 14 which is not good. It was determined that she would remain in the hospital for the next 2 weeks until she is 28 weeks along. They will re-evaluate things then but it seems as though she might not leave the hospital until she has Gray.

The most frustrating thing for Kori and Jon is that no one can really give them any answers. There is absolutely no way to know if she will go into labor tomorrow, in 2 weeks or in 2 months. It is just a waiting game.

Please keep them in your prayers. It has been extremely hard to go through this again so please lift them up!

I will update you as new information come in but hopefully you won't hear from me until she is 28 weeks!


Ashley and Matt Sheehan said...

thinking of you, thinking of your sister, and healthy pregnancies and deliveries for you both!!! prayers all around.. and I love your nursery too !!

The Hornberger's said...

oh my goodness...I am so sorry they are dealing with this all over again. Give them some love...I will be praying for them everytime I think of them!

Jocelyn said...

thank you for the update Lyric, my sister Kate directed me to your site. Kori and I are only 4 weeks apart with our second boys, so I have been thinking or her and praying for her often. I will be praying for her more often now.

Please let her and Jon know that Philip and I will be praying. Also, if it helps at all, we have a friend who was hospitalized at 24 weeks with a cerclage and cervical shortening and stayed in the hospital for 8 week (yes that's a LONG time) but delivered at 32 weeks and is doing great now!

Deidre said...

Hi, Lyric, I went to Haggard with Kori and Jon. I've been following them since sweet Smith was born. I had pre-eclampsia with my son and spent 10 weeks on bed rest, the last 4.5 of which were in the hospital. It's a really hard row to hoe, so to speak. We are praying for her and baby Gray over here in Shreveport. ~Deidre (Gage) Rollins

Dustin & Kate said...

I am praying, Lyric!!! Hugs to your ENTIRE family. Y'all have a lot going on right now. Prayers that God would grant you each the strength to take things one day at a time, as you trust in Him.

Kristen Cicali said...

your family will be in our thoughts a prayers! HUGS!