The Sweetest Baby Shower Ever

Saturday morning was perfect! We finally got to celebrate Campbell's soon-to-be arrival. After pushing the shower back a week because of the nasty weather the day was finally here and it was amazing! My sister, Jessica and Shannon out did themselves! Take a look!
Brunch was served and it was so yummy! Brunch is my favorite meal and all my favorite brunch foods were there! And check out the flower arrangements...stunning!

My amazing hostesses!
The party favors were individual bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes!
One of my other favorite things my sweet hostesses did was pass out birthday cards for every birthday Campbell will have until she is 18. Each guest wrote a message in their card and then sealed it. Every year on Campbell's birthday she will get to open at least one card from her baby shower and we won't know who it is from until we open it! How cute is that?!?!
Can you believe this?!?!
Paige, these next pictures are for you!

Along with a CRAZY amount of clothes my mom got me she also gave me this hilarious book....
and Campbell's first American Girl Bitty Baby!
I want to thank my sister, Jessica and Shannon for giving me the perfect shower! I could not have asked for more! I also want to thank my mom because I know she had to help my sister a lot because of what she is limited to do, so thank you too mom! EVERY THING WAS PERFECT!


The Rodriguez Crew said...

I am cracking up because I got to the picture of ALL of the girly goods, and was so mad I couldn't enlarge it and analyze every frilly outfit! Then I kept going and started laughing out loud! The mini Toms are about the cutest things EVER, and the mini Juicy oh my! The strawberry dress! The ADORABLE book! Ahh!! It's more than my boyMom brain can handle!! That is one lucky little girl, and most of all, she will have the best family to welcome her! *Oh, and the B-day card idea?!? Someone is SUPER creative! Darling! All of it!!!

Rachie said...

it looks like a beautiful shower, practically perfect in every way. the hostesses did such a great job and i'm so sorry to have missed out. i can't wait to meet your sweet baby girl (: