Soaking It All In - A Questionnaire

Cole and I sat down the other day so he could answer some questions for a little questionnaire I made so I would never forget what his interests were and what he liked at this very moment in his life. Here is what he had to say:

What is Your Favorite.....
Color - Blue
Superhero - Batman
Food - Mac'n Cheese
Show - The Disney Channel (I would be more specific and say Jake and the Neverland Pirates)
Animal - Tiger
Sport - Baseball
Drink - Milk
Cookie - The one with bumps on it (a.k.a. chocolate chip)
Sandwich - Ham'n cheese
Fruit - Oranges
Cartoon Character - "I don't know!" (apparently there are just too many to choose from)
Movie - Cars
Part of School - Gym and Lunch
Basketball player - Dirk
Place to Eat - McDonald's
Number - 5
Store - Target
Cake or Pie - Pie (completely untrue, it's cake)
Toy - Buzz Lightyear
Car - Monster Truck

Oh how I love this kid. I love that he is all boy. He loves all sports and cars. When the weather is nice he would live outside. Being hot and sweaty does not bother him one bit. He runs and runs and runs. He is my love!!!

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The Rodriguez Crew said...

I love this! Great answers Cole. I might have to "steal" this and do it with Jagger. Hope you're feeling great in these last couple of weeks... so exciting. :)