Ice/Snow WEEK of 2011

Well all I can say is this is the craziest week of weather I have experienced in well.....forever! We have been iced/snowed in since Monday night and have not left the house. It's Friday, that's 4 days without leaving the house and it may be Sunday before it all melts away. I was even supposed to have a baby shower for Campbell tomorrow but we have rescheduled it for next Saturday because of the weather. It's just been crazy!

We have been trying to keep busy around here. I have cleaned out cabinets and drawers, put baby gear together and have been in full nesting mode. Cole could not be happier because he has been able to wear jammies all day every day this week and loves to be a home. He has no complaints.

We did a snowman day with fun little activities to help pass the time. We built a snowman, worked on writing the letters in the word "snowman", matched snowflakes and finger painted for a cute little song I found.

We have played with lots of cars, done puzzles, shot more baskets than I can count and snuggled watching movies all week long.

And of course we played in the 6+ inches of snow we got!

I have to admit I DO love cold weather and I DO think snow is beautiful but I am over it now. One week is enough. I am ready to get back to our daily routine!

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