A Campbell Update!

Yesterday began my weekly doctor visits! Yikes! I had a sonogram to check Campbell's size and she is perfect. They are estimating she weighs 5 lbs. 4 oz. right now and is measuring at exactly 34 weeks! I didn't get any sono pictures because the little toot was sound asleep and her head is down and facing my back so we could only see the top/back of her head. My sonographer did say she had some fat rolls and a little bit of hair!

Then my doctor checked my cervix and what-do-ya-know....things are happening early just like they did with Cole. I have begun to dilate and thin/shorten/efface. She put me on mild bed rest...with an active 3 year old. Lord help me. No more lifting, cleaning, shopping, standing around etc. for the next couple of weeks. It is totally doable. Cole and I will just be hanging out at home which means I get to soak up these last weeks with just him even more!!!

It is a little humorous. I called my mom to tell her the news and she just laughed. Between me and my sister she has her work cut out for her. She said we should all just move in with her and my dad to make things easier!

So, if you need me I'll be at home. Come hang out with me!


Anonymous said...

How exciting! If your mom needs help helping you and Kori out, call my mom; She loves to clean! Robin

Christine said...

yes I am thinking my mom would love to pamper somebody with us so far away :)