"You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch. You Really ARE a Heal."

Last night my parents treated us to The Grinch at the Winspear Opera House downtown and then to a super yummy dinner at Del Frisco's for our annual Christmas outing as a family. In years past we have seen the Rockettes and the Dallas Symphony but what made this year so special is that Cole got to come along! He was super excited to see the Grinch and sat so still through the entire show. He clapped at the end of the songs and loved it when it snowed on us and then when they shot confetti at us at the end. I have to say not only is the Winspear totally cool on its own but the play was awesome too! It stayed true to the original story and the costumes and set looked like they were pulled right out of Dr. Seuss's famous book. It was amazing!
{Cole and me before we left for the play.}

{The stage before the show started. I wish I could have taken pictures of the actual show but it was strictly prohibited so I followed the rules.}
After the play we headed to Del Frisco's for an always excellent meal. I do have to say that RT and I have the most perfect son ever! Not only did he sit through the entire play, he also sat through most of a 2 1/2 hour meal before falling asleep in daddy's lap. I love that we can take him absolutely anywhere {even places you wouldn't normally take a 3 year old} and know that he is going to act right. He was hilarious during dinner. Our waiter was extra nice to Cole. Cole ordered his own beverage, orange juice and said he wanted "black cake" for dessert. When our waiter came to take our dinner order he walked up to the table and said the usual "Is everyone ready to order and what can I get you." Cole immediately lifted up his empty orange juice glass and said, "More juice please!" We were cracking up! He also said thank you every time someone brought him a plate or a drink and really was the star of the evening. We had so much fun!
{Such a big boy eating at Del Frisco's.}

Thank you mom and dad for such a magical evening! We always look forward to our outings like this and we always have such a wonderful time! We love you!


the rodriguez crew said...

Please tell me the iPhone was involved in a 2 1/2 hour dinner, that is amazing! What a wonderful family evening!

Lyric said...

We totally came prepared with movies and cars and stuff for him to do and he only watched about 10 minutes of a movie and the rest of the time he was eating and being a ham. We are VERY lucky!

the rodriguez crew said...

What a doll! He loves his family!!