WOW! 24 Weeks

I feel better!!!!!!! That is the biggest news this month! At about 22 weeks I finally stopped feeling terrible all the time! I still get a little queasy here and there but nothing like before! Hallelujah!

At my last appointment {before Thanksgiving} I had lost a total of 10 pounds. Dr. Webster was not excited about that at all. She said over the next 4 weeks I either had to maintain my weight or gain a couple of pounds. I could not loose anymore. If I did I would have to start having a sonogram at every appointment to make sure Campbell was growing. Well, I have a feeling I have made up for the first 22 weeks of this pregnancy and have gained plenty in the last 2 weeks! I never thought I would say this but I hope I have gained a pound or two next time I am weighed.

I felt Campbell move for the first time when I was 15 weeks pregnant but I feel her all the time now. She is very busy in there and already has pretty strong kicks and punches. RT felt her for the first time Thanksgiving night and Cole felt her the next morning! RT always thinks it's cool but Cole thought it was crazy! I will never forget the look on his face when she kicked his little hand on my belly.

On Saturday night a stranger asked me when I was due for the first time. I think I clearly look pregnant now and am actually surprised this is the first time someone has said anything.

I am craving hot ham and cheese sandwiches and fried eggs. I think Potbelly's is my favorite place right now!
I cannot believe I go to the doctor again on the 16th and then I start going every two weeks! I feel like things are starting to happen pretty quick. I am a little stressed out that we have done absolutely nothing for Campbell's room. I have her bedding and everything picked out but we have no furniture and have not painted the room yet. I just keep thinking we will get past Christmas and then start but once Christmas is over we will be getting so close! Cole came 3 weeks early so I keep thinking Campbell will be early too and the unknown is so stressful!
So, hopefully by the time I make my 28 week post I will have accomplished something! See you then!


Amber Temple said...

Ok this is going to sound so creepy but I'm Kelly Ballard's sister in law, we met on our last trip to Texas, anyway I read your blog and saw that Potbelly's was your favorite place right now. I'm also pregnant and my favorite place when we lived in Texas was Potbelly's! I'm super jealous you get to eat it whenever you want because we don't have them up in Kansas! Love their sandwiches and sugar cookies!

Jessica said...

Can't wait to meet Campbell!!!!

the rodriguez crew said...

You look darling Lyric! Love your outfit! Thanks for the sweet congrats comment, too. :)