Special Delivery from Santa

Sunday morning our doorbell rang. We were not expecting any visitors so we thought it was a little strange. RT and Cole answered the door and found a package on the doorstep. It was to Cole from Santa! The box was really cold and had to have come straight from the North Pole! Cole carefully opened the box to find a special elf and a book sitting in snow! He took the elf out and tried to come up with a name but was stumped. He just couldn't think of a name worthy of our new friend so we are going to work on that. We read the book Santa sent that explained to Cole {who was less than interested in listening to the story} that he sent this elf to watch Cole everyday. He then reports back to the North Pole every night and updates Santa on Cole's behavior.
It's going to be a tough 2 1/2 weeks knowing that Santa will hear about every little thing from our new Elf friend. We will keep you updated and and let you know what name Cole picked out. Until then you better now pout and you better not cry!

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