The BIG Orange Pumpkin Farm

My mom and I took Cole to the pumpkin patch in Celina today and you wouldn't know it from the pictures but Cole did have a good time. He did not want his picture taken today and was too busy checking everything out to pose for me. We told him we were going to feed animals and pick out our own pumpkins! He talked about the animals the entire way there and then wanted nothing to do with them when we got there. He watched my mom feed the animals but would not try it himself. He did love picking out his pumpkin (I think he picked up every single one) and "digging" in the dirt with the back of his shoe.

It was a little bit of a bummer that we were doing a wonderfully Fall thing in shorts sweating the entire time. I wish the fall temps would show up and stay for a while! We had fun regardless and came home with 3 pretty perfect pumpkins so I'd say it was a successful trip!


Christine said...

how fun, we were there saturday and it was well, sort of uneventful and i was bummed about the lack of pumpkins, but... we had a great time! im hoping to get the pics up tomorrow!

The Pillsbury Family said...

Fun times! What a cute little pumpkin Cole picked!