Our Little Peanut

It's officially official! I am preggo and loving it....well, beyond ecstatic that I am pregnant and that we received all good news at our first baby doctor appointment, not so much excited about how I have been feeling for the past three weeks. I am definitely not complaining and feel extremely blessed but I have never been so sick in my life! I was not this sick with Cole at all. With Cole I was nauseous all the time but only actually got sick a handful of times over the first 3 months. This time around I am nauseous all the time and I get sick a handful of times per day. Yuck! I can handle it because I know it means that everything is moving right along like it should be and because I know in 5 short weeks it should be gone. I am crossing my fingers.Our first appointment was wonderful today! We took Cole with us and he thought it was really cool when the sonographer turned the lights off so we could see our new little peanut. I immediately looked for that precious flashing light that is the heartbeat and then the sound of that tiny little heart beating was music to my ears! It was a strong beat at 146. It is just so amazing and brings tears to your eyes! After the sonographer checked everything else out she printed out our baby's first photos and even gave Cole his own that had the baby saying, "Hi Cole!" He was so proud of "his baby". Then it was off to do my regular exam and chat with our doctor, Dr. Webster. Love her. Cole was such a good boy the whole time and got lots of stickers before we left.

What a wonderful day! We feel incredibly blessed and can't wait to meet the newest member of our family due March 24, 2011!


The Hamptonios said...

congrats! and i love those dinnerware art pieces on the left of you!

the rodriguez crew said...

That's wonderful news, and how sweet that Cole got to be a huge part of it all! Congrats Lyric!

Donna said...

Precious Lyric.... Congratulations! I am so happy for you and RT and Cole. I will continue to prayer for you and your family of FOUR. Love always, Donna