Letter of the Week - "D"

Now that I am starting to feel a little bit more like myself these days and because it has been ridiculously hot the past couple of weeks and we have been stuck inside, I thought it was a good time to start our letters of the week again. This week was the letter D. We had so much fun with our old and new activities.
The Letter "D" is for:
Dinosaur, Dig, Dirt, Donuts, Dragon
Duck, Dog, Dolphin, Double Dips,
Draw, Donkey

We began with our usual projects which Cole loves to do. He totally loves to color and glue.

And while we were talking about the letter "D" and working on our crafts we snacked on Dog Chow in Cole's Dog bowl. Yum! I found this mat in the $1 section at Target so we spent some time circling all the things that started with the letter "D". This activity lasted a lot longer than I thought it would. Cole just wanted to keep looking and circling! Thursday morning we went and had a breakfast Date at the Donut shop by our house! He picked out special donuts for himself and we took some more over to his buddy Cruse's house so his Mommy and I could chat and the boys could eat and play! They had so much fun that Cruse wanted Cole to spend the night....how cute! {didn't get a picture of the boys together...they were super busy}

And for lunch I made Cole a Dipping lunch! Each food had something for him to dip it in. Kids love to dip!

We built the letter "D" and worked on our Door puzzle.
And in honor of the letter "D" week, here are a few pics of all of Cole's Dogs. We really only have one but he has claimed my parent's and sister's dogs as well. He LOVES them so much!

This is our dog, Finn.

This is Bear, my sister and Jon's new puppy.

And this is my parents 95 lb. boxer, Jake. He is Cole's favorite.

And last but certainly not least we took Cole to one of his favorite places, Double Dip! You get frozen custard there and it is to die for. I cannot blame him one bit for this being one of his favorite things!
I'd say Letter "D" week was a success! Next up: Letter "F"!


Shelley said...

Oh Jake...! I love how he fits into the letter "D"!!

Christine said...

still so in love with all you do for these things... i am hoping to steal your ideas next year while we are in Paris as a way to have some fun with the girls... love it