So Very Proud

Just wanted to take a second and brag a little on my amazing husband. For the past year my husband has been working so hard to launch his new business, TechArty. Last summer he began working for a company in Boston and doing contract work on the side. Well, he was getting so much contract work that he quite working for the company in Boston at the end of the year and since then has been growing his new business. He has been working from home for the past year and today was his first day at the new office he is renting and his first employee started today! So exciting! His hard work is paying off and I am so proud of his accomplishments so far. I know he is going to build a successful business and will succeed in everything he does!

RT, Thank you so much for working so hard to provide for me and Cole. I know you are doing what you have always wanted to do and I am so excited for you. We are so blessed!

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