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We still can't believe it! I am pregnant and we are going to go from a family of 3 to a family of 4 in March! We are so excited! I will admit I am a little more nervous this time around than I was with Cole. Maybe because when I was pregnant with Cole I was blissfully unaware of all the crazy things that could go wrong, and well, I am fully aware of them now and it makes me a little anxious. I am also aware that it is super early to be spreading the news but my philosophy is we have a baby right now and even if something happens I still want everyone to know that he or she exists and that we love him or her to pieces already! It also gives me the opportunity to get as many people as possible praying for us!

Now, the story about how we found out about our little miracle #2. To be honest, I did not think the test was going to tell me I was pregnant. I had absolutely no feeling that I might be. It was just time to take a test to see. It just so happened to be the morning we left for San Francisco. RT and his mom took Cole to his swimming lessons while I showered and did some last minute packing. I took the test and actually forgot about it. Once I remembered, I picked up the test and could not believe my eyes! It was POSITIVE! I was in shock! I mean, I knew it was a possibility but still did not expect it. Then I could not decide when to tell RT. I debated waiting and telling him when we got to San Francisco that night but knew I wouldn't be able to keep it a secret that long. So I told him in our room by handing him a onesie I had bought and showing him the test. He was really excited and it was so fun to have this huge secret while we were gone on our vacation.We bought a couple of things while we were gone for our new little peanut and discussed names and baby things. {Our San Francisco purchases. I will keep one of the hats and give the one I don't need as a gift}

The Tuesday after we got home we told Cole that he was going to be a big brother and he was actually excited! We gave him his big bro shirt and a little book that tells him what to expect once the new baby is here and he just loved them! So, we put his new shirt on and skyped with RT's parents to tell them the news and then headed over to my parents. It took all of them a second to get the shirt but once it registered they were all so excited! Cole was wound up and showing off and was having the best time.

We truly feel blessed! I am going to take the next nine months to soak up Cole as much as possible and spend as much time as our little family of three because come March things are going to change...big time!

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miles3_17 said...

They will change, but it's sooo fun. I felt the same way and since Brooks was a month early, I didn't get to do my "last minute things" with Kaden that I had planned, so make sure to just do it all, all the time! Congrats again, great story!