Memorial Weekend

Memorial weekend 2010 was very low key and I loved it! On Friday RT and Cole went to Texarkana to visit his parents and came back on Saturday afternoon. I had a whole 24 hours to my self! It was amazing. I got a mani/pedi, watched 2 movies all the way through with no interruptions and caught up on some TV shows. I spent 2 hours at Target and took a nap. It was wonderful but I was so happy to see my boys when they returned.
As soon as they got home we headed straight to the lake to spend the night on my parents boat. We ate dinner, watched a movie and hit the sack. Sunday, we got up, my dad made an amazing breakfast and Cole found a turtle begging at our slip. He named him "Woo-wee" and fed him Frito's! It was a huge turtle and he thought it was so cool! Then it was out on the water for a very long and relaxing boat ride. We swam a little and then went home.

Monday, we went over to swim at my parents with Kori and Jon and their friends Kay and Brandon. Again, my dad made a great dinner and we had so much fun swimming, chatting and playing Bananagrams! I have no pictures from Monday because Cole was in a terrible mood and wanted nothing to do with anything but we still had a wonderful day and weekend!

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