Letter of the Week - "E"

We finally got back to doing our letter of the week and I was such a slacker! My creative juices were NOT flowing. For some reason I thought the letter "E" was hard to get creative with. We did a few activities but it definitely wasn't as fun as the other letters we've done. Boo.

"E" is for Elephant, Egg, Eyes, Ears,
Eel, Envelope & Earring

We started out by doing our "E" project and worksheet.

Next, I made Cole Egg shaped puzzles that he had to put together by matching the color, number and shape of cut.

Then, we built an "E"
And lastly, I made Cole a paper bag Elephant puppet. He thought it was pretty cool and played with it for quite a while!
We didn't go on our "E" hunt and I didn't make him a cool "E" lunch but he had fun anyway. Next time I will put more effort into it. I was such a slacker this time!


Christine said...

love this idea!!! i will have to get some ideas from you to do this with my girls next year... we will be in Europe all year so i have to be creative with some ' home schooling' did you keep track of the other letters?

Lyric said...

I did keep track of the other letters. I am going to try and link them on my sidebar so they are easy to find! A year in Europe sounds fun! Congrats!