"Woo-Wee 'n Buzz"

Cole has a new "obsession"! Toy Story 2! He LOVES "Woo-wee 'n Buzz"! He has already collected several of the toys and a Toy Story 2 memory game that he loves to play with. He watches the movie every single day and says, "2,1 'n beyon!" {it's supposed to be "to infinity and beyond" in case you aren't familiar with the movie}. Needless to say he cannot get enough of the movie and the characters. I can't wait for Toy Story 3 to come out. Cole is going to love it and it will be his first 3D movie. So fun! He still has a big place in his heart for Cars though. We haven't let go of Lightning McQueen just yet but he has some pretty big competition these day.

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Christine said...

how funny.. .Faith is totally obsessed because Jessie is there, and Woody and buzz... she has the mini toy set and plays nonstop... we may have to get them together for a ToyStory playdate, especially with ToyStory3 coming out soon!