Cole's New Bathroom

I decided that since Cole is such a big boy and is completely potty trained, for a month now, he needed a new bathroom! The bathroom by his room was decorated as a guest bathroom. Not very exciting for a 2 year old. I found a shower curtain and towels that I loved and had to have them. The good news is they had surf boards and palm trees all over them and since Cole's nursery was a surfing theme, I already had all the decor I needed to transform his bathroom. I love how it turned out. Someday I want to paint it a khaki color and I will have his name monogrammed on his towels. We just haven't had time for that so this will do for now! Please ignore the fact that the shower curtain is wrinkled. I am hoping the steam from Cole's baths will loosen them:-) Does anyone really iron their shower curtains before they hang them anyway???
I think I will add a shelf here with some stuff on it and hang this sign above it??
Reading material for the time he spends sitting on his throne.

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Ashley and Matt Sheehan said...

you are such a martha stewart. i love it. and yes, that would be me who ironed the shower curtains in our house.... LOL