Snow, Snow and MORE Snow!

I cannot believe how much snow we have had this winter in Dallas. It's crazy! It snowed ALL DAY LONG on Wednesday. We got 12.5 inches of snow in one 24 hour period which is a record for us! It was so beautiful and if we had all felt better we, er I, would have been out playing in it as much as I could. Cole is not a fan of the snow. He didn't like it when it was actually snowing and he could see the snowflakes on him...He didn't like walking or even standing in it...the only way he would touch it is if daddy would make the snowball and then hand it to him so he could throw it. He just isn't a fan. No snowmen, snow angels or snowball fights for us. I did take a few pictures of Cole while he was forced to at least stand in the snow and of my dog who LOVES the snow! Even though snow is cold and kind of a pain I still love it and the way it looks. It's just so pretty!

I took pictures at my parents house too....Their backyard is so much bigger and prettier than mine:-)

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