Letter of the Week - C

So, I was inspired at MAC on Tuesday and decided I needed to start an easy project that will both educate Cole and allow us to spend some real quality time together. I have decided to teach Cole a new letter from the alphabet each week for the next 26 weeks. Please do not think I am super creative or that any of these ideas are my own....they are not. At MAC we were given all the wonderful websites and ideas that we needed to get us started! All of the things I used today are things I already had at home or that I printed off the Internet. The only things I bought were the Frog Street Press book and CD. We crammed everything in one day this week because I didn't start until Thursday so we stayed in our jammies all day and played. So without further ado, here is our first Letter of the Week!
"C" is for Cow, Clown, Crocodile, Caterpillar,
Cat, Candy Cane, Chocolate Chip Cookies,
Coins and COLE

We started off the day by listening to Coles new CD. There is a song on there about Cathy Cook. It put us in the mood for our day full of "C's"!

Then I sent Cole on a "C" hunt with his super cool magnifying glass. I think he thought this was the most fun! Then I had him sort them on the front door.

Then we colored a work sheet that I printed and added stickers that represented the letter "C".

Next we did our "C" craft. I just cut out a "C" and glued it to a piece of paper. I let Cole color it and then we added the pompoms, eyes and antennas to turn our letter "C" into a Caterpillar!

Then we read our book from Frog Street Press called Cathy Cook that went along with his song for the day. We also "read" How to Build an A. It comes with all the pieces you need to build every letter of the alphabet. We built the "C" which was pretty easy because it was only one piece but he found it in the bag.

Cole watched Cars while I made his Letter "C" Lunch. Nothing fancy and I had all the ingredients at home already. My picky little eater didn't care that his lunch was cool....I mean he didn't even eat all of the Chocolate pudding. He is not my child, HA!

After lunch and a good nap Cole had Cinnamon bread {which was not planned it is just his favorite thing right now} and we sorted Coins.
Then daddy got home and while I was cooking dinner Cole showed him all the cool things he did today. He was very proud of his art work and showed daddy how to use his magnifying glass to look at all the "C's". We had Chicken for dinner {also, not planned it was just on the menu already} and we ended our "C" day with Chocolate Chip Cookies!
I am not going to lie and say that this was a breeze. It was a lot of work and my house was a mess by the end of the day but it was all worth it. Cole learned several new things and we got to spend the whole day playing together. That's all that really matters in the end. Maybe these theme days will get easier the more I do them. I will let you know! We had fun and I'm already thinking about our next letter of the week, "O"!
Here is a list of all the websites I used:

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the rodriguez crew said...

bravo to you, b/c I have NOT tackled this due to how much work it is! haha (how terrible!). I love the magnifying glass (where can I get one???) ... and you've kind of inspired me to give it a try. we shall C!! ;)