We're BACK!

Well, after 3 weeks of being MIA in the blog world, we are happy to be back. I didn't think we were going to have a lot going on but our calendar filled up quickly {isn't that how it always works}. We have had lots of "firsts" in the last 3 weeks and we spent a lot of time at home just playing. I didn't plan any crazy arts and crafts or special field trips. Cole and I just played and hung out together during the day and did more playing and hanging out when daddy got home from work. I love that we didn't have our days planned and packed full of things to do!

Here is a list of some of the "firsts" that happened and a few random things we did followed by a list of all my new posts for everything else that happened while we were gone:

1) Cole kissed me for the first time. He kissed me without me asking him to and he actually put his lips on my cheek and made a kissing sound instead of just pressing his cheek to mine. Probably my favorite thing that happened!
2) Cole threw the biggest tantrum of his life. You will read about it in a post below.
3) Cole learned how to turn doorknobs and open doors all by himself.
4) We ate yummy cupcakes from Dimples in Frisco. I recommend the wedding cake cupcake.
5) Cole has decided not to take naps anymore. In the last 3 weeks he has taken 5 naps. I'm not excited about this. I thought I had another year of good solid nap times.
6) I got a cold.
7) Cole got a cold.
8) RT got a cold.

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the rodriguez crew said...

I have so much to say about these posts! i will TRY to be concise?! first off, welcome back! I bet you enjoyed that little break a ton. second, the PHONE. i swear it, that whole phone gig is going to make me lose my MIND b/c jagger does the same thing (freaks out and thinks it's basically HIS). I need to ck like ebay or something for a used CHEAP one. third, the tantrum oh the tantrum. jagger had his first complete and utter meltdown (exactly as described) in his CARSEAT and we had to pull over. it's etched in my mind forever and I actually live in fear now of the repeat performance. It scared me to death!! jagger loves "saursaur" train too, and also Word World. Cole might like that one! Lastly, I can't wait to see your family pics!! Welcome back! :)