Turkey Day Project

We have been completely unproductive so far this week so today I decided Cole needed to do his Turkey project in honor of Thanksgiving next week. I gave him all the pieces he needed for his turkey and gave him a picture of the turkey so he would know how it should look. Well, he played with the pieces for a while and finally made his turkey.....he did a pretty good job but we might have some work to do in the future!

I just love watching his little brain work and I am always excited to see how his projects turn out!


the rodriguez crew said...

what?! he put that together??! that's incredible!! jagger would chunk the pieces across the room or stick them to his forehead?! I might have to try this just to see if he will prove me wrong! i love these ideas.

Jessica said...

Great job Cole! Definitely a better job than I could do.

Lyric, I'll miss you in New Orleans this weekend.