How We Celebrated the BIG Day!

Two years ago on Friday, November 9, 2007 at 12:03 in the afternoon Cole Thompson Muir was born and changed our lives forever. Now he is a big 2 year old and I can't believe it. I wanted to make his day extra special because I love him so much!

We started the day off with Mickey Mouse pancakes and a little play time with his new toys he got at his birthday party on Saturday while mommy got ready for the day.
After breakfast we went to get Cole's haircut because he needed it really bad! He did such a good job and actually stayed still while they used the trimmers around his ears. Turning 2 is great! Then we met Mimi K at the mall for lunch and a little shopping. Cole ate one of his favorite meals, Chick-fil-a nuggets and waffle fries! Yummy!

After he ate his lunch we went to pick out a cookie....well that was my first thought but then I saw the cute mini cookie cakes and decided he needed one of those instead {you'll see a picture of it in a minute}.

After our cookie cake was finished we headed to Cole's next surprise. Because he has been obsessed with airplanes lately I thought he would LOVE going to the airport to watch them take off and boy was I right! When we got to Founder's Plaza at D/FW we ate our cookie cake on a picnic table and watched the planes. He was loving it and pointed out each and every one.

After watching the airplanes for about an hour we dropped Mimi K off at her car and headed home to rest and talk to daddy. RT left for a week long conference at 6:00 am on the morning of Cole's birthday. So, when we got home we called daddy to see if he was available to talk and we were able to Skype with him so they could see each other and so daddy could wish Cole a happy birthday!
Cole got some more play time in before we were off to dinner! I decided on Uncle Julio's because this kid loves him some chips and queso and because it isn't too far from our house {and because I like it too..Ha!} I think this kid could seriously eat his weight in chips and queso! He will even eat a little hot sauce too!
We're still not finished yet! After dinner we went back to my house for presents and cake! RT and I did not give Cole his birthday presents at his party because I wanted him to open gifts on his actual birthday. He tore through those presents and I think he loved every single one {except for the clothes}.

And finally, there was singing and cake. I was so proud of him because he actually blew his birthday candles out all by himself and he blew through his mouth and not his nose! Yea for Cole!

What a day! I had so much fun spending the day with my 2 year old and doing things he loves to do! I hope your day was extra special Cole! I love you so much! Happy 2nd Birthday!


the rodriguez crew said...

aww what a perfect day for that big 2 year old! such FUN, and as always you do such a great job documenting it. And how on EARTH do you find these fantastic things that I've never seen, EVER (and hello, I'm an internet scouter by profession practically!) ... like that adorable 2 shirt. LOVE.IT. that kid raked in some LOOT ... it gets me excited for Jagger's bday next week!! :)

RL said...

what a fun day! y'all did so many things and i'm sure he loved spending time with his mommy!

Jessica said...

Cookie cake + birthday cake = Best birthday EVER!!!!

Looks like y'all had a fun day celebrating Cole's big birthday.