Cole's 1st MAVS Game

After we celebrated Cole turning 2 with family and friends on Saturday, and after a much needed and super long nap, Cole was ready to see what his daddy's surprise was! The three of us grabbed dinner and headed over to aunt Kori and uncle Jon's house. RT and Cole dropped me off for some much needed bonding time with my sister and picked Jon up so the three "boys" could head to the MAVS game! This would be Cole's very first MAVS game and RT was sooooo excited to take him. It was especially cool because RT is a season ticket holder {we don't have the best seats but it is always fun and maybe someday we will be able to upgrade} and for $4 he was able to upgrade his seats to the platinum level for one game this season! Not only did they end up with awesome seats it was also kid's night! Cole was given a Dancin' Dirk that talks and dances to a song about Dirk. SO COOL!

{Cole with uncle Jon and Dancin' Dirk. Please excuse Cole's hair...man did he need a haircut!}

Not only did Cole get to sit in awesome seats and get a Dancin' Dirk he was also given a foam finger by a lady that just thought she was the cutest thing she had ever seen {I will not argue with that}!

RT said he was a little overwhelmed but had fun watching the game and roaming the halls and he loved the Chili's Pepper that flies around....it's the little things.

A note from Cole: Thank you so much daddy for taking me to the game with you! I had so much fun and can't wait until we go again! You are the best daddy in the whole wide world and I love you so much! Thank you uncle Jon too for coming with us and sharing this super cool night with me!

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