On Friday my mom, Kori and I headed to Canton for First Monday Trade Days and we had a blast! I had not been to Canton in sooooo long and was excited to shop all day. It is so hard to decide on what to buy. It's one of those things where you need to buy it when you see it or you will forget where to saw it later or it will be gone, but you are afraid to buy to soon because what if you find something later in the day you like better but your money is gone?!?! I guess that is why I only ended up with a few things and most of my money left over {RT was happy about that}.
I am re-decorating Cole's room in a sports theme because he loves sports so much so I bought this bowling pin for $5. I thought this reversible door hanger was cute for Christmas and I am going to put the sign on top of my china cabinet in my kitchen!
I LOVE how simple this Christmas ornament is and thought the large jingle bells would be cute in a Christmas bowl displayed somewhere and I bought the white balls for Cole's room..."C" for Cole, and the numbers are his birthday!

How great are these lockers?!?! My mom bought them for Cole's room! They are actual lockers from a school and I LOVE THEM! I am painting them red to match his room and will show you the finished product once his room is complete! Yeah!
We were absolutely pooped by the time we got home but it was well worth it. We all came home with really great stuff and I can't wait to go back!

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the rodriguez crew said...

are you kidding, you got some GREAT stuff!! i want that reversible little wooden sign, the christmas ornament, AND the jingle bells please! :) i am wishing I went to Canton in October while I had the chance! What a fun trip!