Mimi K Has a Boo-Boo!

My mom has had some major pain in her shoulder for a while now {so much pain that it was sometimes hard for her to pick Cole up} so she finally decided to have it checked out. X-rays showed she had several bone spurs in her right shoulder and she was advised to have them removed. There was also a possibility that she had a torn rotator-cuff but they wouldn't know until they got in there to look around. Bone spurs were best case scenario with a 1-2 week recovery period.....Rotator-cuff was the worst case scenario with a 6 week recovery period and months of physical therapy! {The 2 pictures above are of my mom while we were waiting for them to take her into surgery. Only my mom would smile the whole time and be excited to have an operation done!}
So this past Friday she had surgery and received GOOD NEWS! She only had bone spurs and no rotator-cuff tear! She was so excited to hear the news when she got out of surgery and was once again smiling!

{Here she is recovery at home {smiling} all hooked up to her ice machine and these leg pump things to make sure she doesn't get a blood clot while in recovery.}

{Cole was a little unsure about everything but warmed up quickly.}


I am glad to are feeling better mom! Get well soon!


Ice Machine Pump said...
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RL said...

glad crazy Shauna is doing well, and yes, only she would smile through it all. i love it!!!