If You Can't Beat It, Join It

It has been cloudy and raining for 6 days {with more rain coming} and man are we ready for the sun to come out. Because of the rain we haven't gotten out and done a whole lot and I have a 22 month old who is itching to play outside. So today I let him...in the rain! {don't worry mom, it wasn't lightening...it was just a light and steady shower} He wasn't too sure about it a first and then I couldn't get him back inside. He had so much fun holding his little hands out to catch the raindrops and splashing in the puddles. I'll admit I had fun too! I can't remember the last time I played in the rain. Kids are so much fun!!!

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the rodriguez crew said...

lyric, thank you for all of your sweet comments lately! :) isn't all of this rain the pits? I admit, I used to LOVE a long stretch of dark gloomy days ... but add a kid? NO GOOD! we're going crazy too! Cole looks adorable out in the rain, and that one pic of him stomping his legs ... his expression is priceless! so so cute!