Soccer Tots

Cole had his very first "soccer practice" this morning and did such a good job! He had so much fun playing with his friends and kicking the soccer ball around. They started practice off by stretching and then balancing while they rolled the ball back and forth with their foot. Then they ran and kicked the ball up and down the field followed by cone drills and other team related games that did not include the soccer ball. All 6 boys on his "team" laughed and ran their little hearts out for 50 minutes! They ended practice by taking turns scoring goals and then getting in a circle and doing a little team chant. Precious!

When we got home we showed daddy the video footage from practice and he was so proud! We are so glad we signed him up for this! Thanks Brittney for organizing this for our little guys!

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Poefam said...

No problem! :) I LOVE our little class! It really is going to be so great for them. So glad you're doing it with us!