My New Kicks

Cole is signed up for Soccer Tots this fall and his first class is on Monday morning. Soccer Tots is going to introduce him to the game of soccer and to some of the skills he will need to play. We are super excited about this and we hope he enjoys it! So, on Thursday we went to buy Cole's first pair of soccer shoes {he needed to be well equipped}. We were hoping to find a pair of indoor shoes but they don't make them small enough so we settled for a pair of all black Gazelles. Totally cool!
Stay tuned for pictures from his first practice! I think it is going to be precious!


the rodriguez crew said...

um, excuse me! they have SOCCER tots for their age?!? i'm in love! i was a soccer player for 20 years, and have been counting down the years until J can play!! I'm going to look into this for SURE. J has Sambas (black/white) from Zappos that I got for the Fall... I've been dying for him to start wearing them. Cole looks adorable trying on his new kicks, I can't wait to hear more about this!!

the rodriguez crew said...

lyric, i'm so glad you did this post... I found it online, and there is a class starting next week very close to us! We are SIGNED UP!! I can't wait to see Cole's first practice (we're on Wed. at 10am) ... thanks for the info! :)