Happy Birthday Mimi K!

Yesterday was my mom's birthday! What started out as a pretty slow day turned out to be lots of fun! After my mom had to take care of a few things around the house and wait for repairmen to show up we finally were able to leave and headed over to Kori's house to hang out for a little bit while Kori packed for her and Jon's vacation. Then my mom, Cole and I headed to the outlet mall for a little shopping which didn't last very long because Cole was being a MAJOR TOOT. We got a little shopping done while Cole sat in the middle of the store {literally} and ate his snacks {embarrassing!} So we decided to leave and waste a little time before we met everyone for dinner and headed to this little town and maze in Allen. Cole had so much fun running around and having his MimiK chase him!

Then we met the rest of the family at Uncle Julio's for some yummy Mexican food and entertainment from Cole {it is amazing how his mood changes when uncle Jon is around!} Then we went back to Kori and Jon's house for presents and cake! Cole loves handing out the gifts and "singing" happy birthday. My mom was so surprised by her gift! For once she had absolutely NO IDEA what we got her. We got her a hot pink digital camera!

Happy Birthday Mom! We hope you had a wonderful day! We enjoyed celebrating it with you! We love you very much!

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