Aunt Kori Turns 26!

We celebrated my sister's birthday yesterday! She turned 26 and we had some fun in the sun and yummy food to celebrate! The girls lounged in the pool while the boys played Cornhole. We had yummy veggies and dip for appetizers. Everyone was having a wonderful time until we brought Cole in for a bath and he just lost it. He was being hateful and ugly and acting like nothing we had ever seen before. Nothing would satisfy him. We tried food, drinks, Mickey Mouse, playing in the playroom and nothing worked. He even rejected his favorite person...uncle Jon. That was huge! So we tried to ignore him for a while and my dad prepared Kori's requested meal, grilled Salmon, roasted squash, potatoes, onions and zucchini and grilled peaches. It was AWESOME! Cole did not want to eat and caused a scene throughout dinner. He became a little happier when we asked him to hand Kori's presents to her and throw the wrapping paper away and then his mood came back. He didn't even want to eat his piece of cookie cake! I am pretty sure a tooth must have actually been breaking through the skin because he was clearly agitated by something. Here are the few pictures I took while I wasn't dealing with my child.
{Kori checking a b.day message}
{Rachel and Kori chillin in the warm pool}{Cole getting what he deserves based on his tude}
{daddy and Jon caught a frog for Cole to see}

{Cole sniffing the flowers on the cake}

Happy Birthday again Aunt Kori! I'm so sorry Cole was a toot! I hope you had a wonderful day!

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