Cole is 1 1/2 Years Old!

Dear Cole,

I cannot believe how fast you have gone from a little bundle of joy in my arms to a little man. I am a little more sentimental about this milestone then I was when you turned one. Maybe it's because you weren't walking yet so you still seemed like a baby to me. You have changed so much in the last six months and you are truly becoming a BIG BOY more and more every day.

At a year and a half you are definitely becoming more and more independent. You want to buckle yourself in the car seat and stroller. You don't like to sit in your stroller anymore because you want to walk around by yourself like everyone else does and you don't like to hold hands. You have to use a fork or spoon when you eat and are spilling less and less everyday. You are drinking from a straw and insist on holding the cup even though you tend to tilt it too much and end up with a wet shirt. With your need for independence comes a few more tantrums then before. You don't like it when I tell you you can't do something that you think you can all by yourself. I know this is a faze and sometimes you have to learn the hard way but I just want to keep you as safe as possible. This independence makes me a little sad because it means that you don't like to be held or snuggle as much as you used too. I knew the days when you would just lay in my arms would come to an end but I am not ready for them to be over yet. Please always want to snuggle with me...at least every once in a while.

You have become such a good helper around the house. You throw away trash, put your dirty clothes in your hamper and you like to help unload the dryer and the dishwasher.

You are such an athlete. You LOVE to shoot baskets with daddy. It's your favorite thing to do these days. You like to hit balls with your bat and play "catch". Daddy showed you how to spin the football on the floor so now you like to do it too!

Your new favorite obsession is the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You would watch it ALL DAY LONG if I let you. You bring me the remote every time you want me to turn it on and you always watch it while lying on your stomach.

I have a feeling that our summer is going to include outdoor activities and swimming in the pool. You love to play outside and get very upset when it is raining and we won't let you go out to play. You love flying kites with daddy and uncle Jon and bubbles have become a new obsession as well. You love your sand box and collecting ladybugs.

You are learning your colors and shapes.

You can identify most animals and love it when we make their sounds.

You know all your body parts. Your favorite one is your belly button. You love to show it to us and then get a zerbert {Cosby Show anyone?} on your belly. You just laugh and laugh!

You say "Uh-Oh" when you drop something, miss a basket, Mickey Mouse is over and any other appropriate time. You love to say it!

You wave bye-bye at everything. It is the CUTEST wave I have ever seen! I love to watch you wave bye-bye to people, Mickey Mouse, the water in the tub...everything!

You are trying to jump. You actually made it off the floor once and I love counting "1-2-3-JUMP" for you. You are trying so very hard!

You LOVE birds and point them out every time you see one. I think I am going to buy a bird feeder for the back yard so you can watch them all summer long!

Cole, I don't know if you will ever truly understand how much I love you but I love you with every ounce of my soul. I could not imagine my life with out you. You are so funny and sweet. You have a kind heart and I know you are going to do wonderful things with your life. For now, I love watching you grow and can't believe you are half way to 2!

I love you so much!

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