Our Super Fun Saturday

We had a pretty busy day around here yesterday. It started at 8:45 with us in the car headed to Flower Mound. For his birthday, RT wanted to take a private kicking lesson from Chris Boniol who used to be the kicker for the Dallas Cowboys back in the day. He wanted to do this just for fun {and maybe to prove that he still "had it" even though he is one year away from being 30}. He had a blast! Chris was super nice and so for and hour and a half, RT got to kick field goals and re-live the glory days....ok, so he never played football but he was asked to be the kicker in college for Trinity after he quit playing soccer but he declined because he wanted to concentrate on his school work....hahaha. So, while daddy was having his fun, mommy and Cole were having their own fun! We took pictures, chased after footballs and soccer balls, found rocks, tried desperately to get the basketball that was locked behind a fence and ate snacks in the car.
As we were driving through Flower Mound on our way to RT's lesson I saw the greatest thing! A Rosa's!!!!!!! My friends and I used to eat at Rosa's at least 2-3 times a week while we were in college. Freshly made tortillas and queso is what we ordered EVERY time. I have not eaten at Rosa's since I graduated from TECH in May 2003 so of course that is where we ate lunch! It tasted exactly the same as I remembered and the decor hadn't changed either. It was soooo good and such a wonderful surprise. I didn't think Rosa's existed in the D/FW area.
After Lunch we headed to the mall to exchange a couple of things and to find a new tie for RT for all the weddings we have coming up {in case you all wanted to know} and then we went here:
and bought Cole and early Easter present:
Then we went to see my sister-in-laws new house. She and her fiance moved in on Friday and we had only seen the lot it was being built on and the model. They did such a good job picking out all the interior finishes! It is such a cute house! From there we made it back to our house and put together Cole's new basketball goal so we could play with it {I don't know who liked it better, daddy or Cole}. Cole definitely needs to work on his technique.

And after we got some basketball games in we headed to dinner at Palio's, a local pizza place that has the most amazing fresh pizza. It got the Mediterranean pizza with black olives, purple onions, spinach, artichoke hearts, tomatoes and feta cheese. If you are ever in the Prosper area you should check it out! Then it was time for bed....after the long day we had {and the 4:30 wake up call from Cole on Friday morning} mommy and Cole crashed early! I love days like this though. Never a dull moment!

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