Opening Day

Today was a big day for me. After 23 years of my dad owning Rangers baseball tickets, I was finally invited to attend opening day! My dad has always taken his brothers, dad, friends, son-in-laws and/or clients to the opening day game but this year he decided to take me, my sister and my mom. We had so much fun! I think he was regretting his decision in the car on the way to the stadium though. We were talking about shoes, the lack of customer service at Nordstroms and things of that nature instead of talking about the game and the players. We complained about having to use the restroom and that we were really hungry and cold.....you know, things he would not have heard if he was with the guys. But, in the end I think he was glad we came. It was the first thing we have done as our original family of 4 since fiance's then husbands and baby Cole came along. It was fun. We talked, took pictures, ate, bought souvenirs and cheered on our team. We also had the pleasure of watching President George W. Bush throw out the first pitch. Awesome!!!!! I called out his name and I think he saw me and remembered me from when he was the quest speaker at my high school graduation back in '98. So here are some of the pictures I took at the game. Go to Kori's blog to see the pictures she took. Enjoy!

The paparazzi waiting for Mr. President


Laura, Jena and Barbara

Josh Hamilton. So cute and nice.


Thanks Dad for such a fun family afternoon at the ballpark!!!!!

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Jessica said...

Wish I knew you were going b/c I was there too. We could have met up. Fun game!