Here Comes the Bride

Last weekend my whole family went to Austin for my friends wedding. It started off as a rocky trip and I should have know it was a sign of things to come. Let's just say it was an eventful trip. We started off by leaving the house at 7:15 am on Friday morning. We dropped the dog off at my in-laws house and were on our way. It rained on us a little here and there until we got just south of Waco and that's when it hit. It looked like it was the middle of the night and then the rain came pouring down so hard we couldn't see. Then the awful sound of marble size hail hitting the window begins and there is nothing we could do but just slow down. We were in the middle of no where with nothing to take cover under. Great! We made it through that storm and then it just continued to rain the rest of the way to Austin. We get in town around 11:30 and grab some lunch before RT drops me off at Embellish where we are having a pampering party with Sarah. Such fun and such a cute nail salon! RT picks me up and we head back to the hotel and wait for my parents and Kori and Jon to get there so they can watch Cole while we are the the rehearsals and dinner. They left Dallas at 11:00 and did not pull into the hotel until 5:15. That is how bad traffic was with the rain and everything. We hand Cole over to them in the lobby and then head to the church. The rehearsals went smoothly and then off the the Iron Cactus on 6th Street. Dinner, the video and the speeches were so fun and funny! Lots of tears were shed and then we headed back to the hotel. RT tells me his tummy feels funny in the car but seems to be ok. We get Cole from my parents and go to bed. Cole does not sleep well and I am up with him twice during the night. When we finally woke up Saturday morning RT says "Remember how I told you my tummy felt weird last night?" "Well, at 12:30 I threw up everything in my body." And he is still sick Saturday morning...REALLY SICK....FOOD POISONING SICK!!!!! So, I had to be at brunch at 10:30 so I get ready and take Cole to my parents room and my dad drops me off at the restaurant. I have my dad stop and get RT some Gatorade, crackers and Sprite because I wasn't going to be back at the hotel for the rest of the day. My parents and Kori and Jon took care of Cole all day while I did wedding stuff and checked in with RT who was either in bed or in the bathroom ALL day! He did not make it to the wedding! The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was too. Cole did not make a peep during the ceremony but had had enough by the time we made it to the reception. My family was there for about 30 mins. before we decided it was time to take Cole home. They left me at the reception {without my date} and went to dinner and put Cole to bed. I stayed until the bride and groom left and then headed back to the hotel to find my husband STILL sick. Cole did not sleep well again and I was up with him 3 times Saturday night. Luckily, Sunday was a much smoother day. By mid- morning RT was feeling better and we all met some friends for brunch before hitting the road. Needless to say we were VERY glad to be home on Sunday. I did have a wonderful time hanging out with the girls and was honored to be in Sarah and Dave's wedding! Can't wait to see what life has in store for them!

{I wish you could tell how cute this nail salon was in the pictures!}

{The beautiful bride and her new husband}

{This is how Cole entertained himself during the reception}

{Cole did a lot of this and watched a lot of Playhouse Disney and Bolt in the hotel room}

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