Happy Earth Day!

After our last M.A.C. meeting our speaker, Mrs. Shannon, inspired me to do more for the planet just in time for Earth Day! I have made a few changes around my house and plan on doing more in the very near future! I would like to encourage all of you to do one thing for the environment each week. If we all did just one thing it could make a HUGE difference in the world!
I went out and purchased this book. I have barely gotten into it and have already realized how little I know about how I impact the environment every day. BIG changes are coming my families way!
I have started with a few simple things. I am now recycling EVERYTHING. I used to only recycle aluminum cans, bottles, milk jugs and diaper boxes but now anything that is plastic, glass or aluminum goes in one bin and all paper products go in another. Please ignore the paper towels in the picture. I intend on using LESS of those by using more dish towels!
Another great thing Shannon talked about was all the NASTY chemicals that are in our household cleaners. This REALLY hit home because of Cole running around and it made me think about all the gross stuff he was breathing in everyday. So I went and bought the basic dish, hand, and counter top cleaner to start with by Mrs. Meyer's. It is an organic cleaning line and it smells wonderful. I will be switching all my household cleaners and air fresheners to organic products. By the way, Mrs. Meyer's also makes laundry detergent for us and for babies and makes plug-in air fresheners. You can find it online, at World Market or Bed Bath & Beyond
I am also going to attempt to grow some herbs and I want to try and grow some tomatoes too! I do not have a green thumb so I will keep you posted on how this turns out.
I highly recommend you buy Gorgeously Green. It is a real eye opener. I am most interested in trying to eliminate the toxins in my house so Cole will be healthier, recycling and beauty products. I just can't believe how NASTY everything has become!

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Kori said...

I'm with you sister! I watched Oprah's Earth Day special and learned a lot about small changes you can make in your everyday life that can help save our planet. One thing I'm going to do is by a water pitcher filter. They cost about $40, but you will end up saving a ton by skipping the bottle water at the store. I definitely want to buy Gorgeously Green asap!!!

Love you!