Super Bowl Sunday

My parents had a Super Bowl party yesterday and it was so much fun! They invited over a bunch of their friends {most of them they have been friends with since high school} and my aunt and uncle and cousins came. My mom made so much yummy food and had cute little football decorations in the mix. She did such a great job!

My mom and dad had a "chili cook off". They each made a different kind of chili and each hoped theirs would be eaten more than the others. I don't know what the final out come was but I thought they were both awesome!

You can't have a Super Bowl party with out wings.

Yummy chips and dips and Texas Trash {a football season staple at our house} were also a hit!

For dessert we had Texas Gold Bars, Symphony Brownies and Hello Dolly's {also a staple in our family for any kind of get-together} I ate waaayy too much off this platter!

Eating chili at half time listening to one of the funniest people I know talk about sports and politics. His name is Johnny and my dad and him have been best friends since high school!

The rest of the group watching the game in the media room. They pretty much never left this room and who could blame'em {my parents have also been friends with the guy in the bottom right corner since high school...his name is Steve a.k.a. the Big Guy, Steve-o, Youngster...the list goes on and on}

I'll be honest I could really have cared less about the Super Bowl this year but I would have liked to see the Cardinals win. Oh well, we still had a really great time with friends and family and left with very full bellies. Who could ask for anything more?!?!

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Kori said...

Okay...so you might have posted first, but I will win this blog war! You did take way more pictures than me though. Crap, I might lose. (Overachiever)