Last night we completed our holiday calendar with a trip to the Gaylord to see ICE! The ice sculptures were awesome however I would not recommend going the weekend before Christmas. It was packed which took away some of our fun photo ops but we had fun anyway. Cole did not enjoy the enormous parka he had to wear and his hat kept twisting over one eye the whole time but we think he thought the colorful ice sculptures were cool. Poor thing. It is amazing how they sculpt the ice with such detail. It really is amazing! Leaving the ICE! exhibit we ran into my best friend Krissa and Shane, Jeff and Hillary. What are the odds! It was great to see them since I hadn't seen them since the beginning of October. After a quick chat they headed to ICE! and we headed out to the atrium of the Gaylord to see all the wonderful Christmas trees, trains, lights and life size ginger bread house they had on display. It was a Christmas wonderland in there! We ended the night with Babe's Chicken to-go and ate it at our house so the boys could watch the Cowboys loose. So sad. So, here are the pictures from ICE!. If you haven't been you should go! It runs until January 3rd.

Thanks Mom and Dad for a wonderful and eventful holiday season!!!

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Poefam said...

We went 3 years ago and LOVED it! I think we'll take Q next year! ;) Cute pics!